How online ‘influencers’ are changing the food industry

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It’s all about your followers on social media.  Thirteen-year-old Californian food blogger Chase Bailey – who has autism – has just written his first cookbook after gaining more than 200,000 views for his YouTube page, Chase ‘N Yur Face.  His weekly posts see him cooking new recipes, working with established chefs and teaching his thousands… Read more »

Yahoo rolls out update to make Flickr ‘awesome again’

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Discussion:  Hours after Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, announced that it was buying blog site, Tumblr, it also announced that it was re-vamping Flickr.  Flickr, a photo-sharing service, had been falling out of use since Yahoo purchased the start-up in 2005.  Among other things, the updated site will allow users one terabyte of storage and a promise… Read more »