Amazon, Meta, Netflix: Why Big Tech Is Facing Massive Layoffs | WSJ

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Source: Wall Street Journal Date: November 23rd, 2022 Link to 4 minute 45 second video: Discussion This is an important discussion for the Intro to MIS class, as layoffs in the tech industry have a direct impact on MIS majors. The video talks about Apple’s decision to ask users if they want to be… Read more »

Sask. farmers embracing locally developed ag tech

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Saskatchewan has become a hub for emerging ag tech, according to several industry experts. Plus, farmers in that province have a track record of adopting new technology and supporting local startups, says Sean O’Connor, managing director of Emmertech, a $60-million Conexus venture capital fund focused on Saskatchewan ag tech startups.  “Farmers are the most innovative business owners… Read more »

Tech and toddlers: How Toronto’s daycares are going digital

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: April 29th, 2022 Link: Discussion “Every child in the daycare program is entered into the software and parents receive invitations to HiMama, which they can access through our app or website, where they receive updates about their child and can message the child’s caregiver. ” What are some of the… Read more »

How technology is helping shrink grocery bills by cutting food waste

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A number of companies — including Flashfood, Too Good To Go and FeedBack — have entered the Canadian market billing themselves as an innovative way to simultaneously cut food waste and save money.  “They are becoming more popular because more and more consumers realise that savings occur more on the back-end of the grocery store experience,” said Sylvain… Read more »

Can apps manage our chronic health conditions?

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From stumbling slowly out of bed, to doing active weights classes at the gym, Ewa-Lena Rasmusson’s mobility has transformed during the pandemic. The 55-year-old, from Stockholm, says it’s all thanks to a Swedish app that creates bespoke exercise plans designed to help alleviate joint pain. Every day the app sends Ms Rasmusson a “nudge” to… Read more »

Apple charged over ‘anti-competitive’ app policies

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Apple has been charged with breaking EU competition rules over the way it runs its App Store. European Commission anti-trust regulator Margrethe Vestager tweeted that “consumers are losing out”. It relates to charges brought two years ago by music streaming app Spotify which claimed that Apple was stifling innovation in that industry. Apple faces a large fine… Read more »

Provinces aren’t using COVID Alert app properly or widely enough, says report

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The federal government is urging the provinces to use its COVID Alert app properly and more widely after a new report said that only five per cent of those who have tested positive for the virus have been given the information required to register their results. An interim report from a federal advisory council said that while the app has… Read more »