Bell, Telus to use Nokia and Ericsson, not Huawei, in building their next-generation 5G networks

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BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. will both use equipment from Scandinavian component makers Nokia and Ericsson to build out their next-generation 5G networks in Canada. BCE, the parent company of Bell, said Tuesday morning it will partner with Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson to build out its next generation wireless network, known as 5G. Notably absent… Read more »

What is 5G?

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Source: CNBC Date: October 31st, 2019 Link to 5 minute video: Discussion Why is 5G so important? If 5G is already available, how long do you think it will take you to upgrade your smartphone and/or laptop to take advantage of this new technology? Why does it often take companies a long time to… Read more »

Let the 5G battle commence

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South Korea was long expected to be first with 5G. It is a technological powerhouse with ultra-fast broadband, home to giant firms such as Samsung and a government that sees leading the world in connectivity as a matter of national pride. Three networks were due to launch commercial 5G services on Friday when news emerged… Read more »

Hologram phone calls – sci-fi or serious possibility?

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High-speed 5G networks could lead to big changes in how we use our mobile phones, allowing us to enjoy virtual reality on-the-go, interactive live broadcasts, and even project holograms from our handsets. But will connection “not-spots” and high costs stop many of us reaping the benefits? Source: BBC Analysis Date: September 20th, 2018 Link: Discussion 1) What practical… Read more »