eZine – History of Mobile Computing

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              Description: Link to article with chronology of mobile computing development.  The history helps us to better understand perhaps where we are going, and future trends. Source: Natalie Aranda, eZine Link: http://ezinearticles.com/?A-Brief-History-of-Mobile-Computing&id=505215 Discussion Questions: What have been the advantages & disadvantages associated with the development of mobile computing technology

Business Link – Location-Based M-Commerce Service

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                  Description: Link to Business Link article for expanding discussion related to Location Based Services & Commerce. Source: Business Link Link: http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?type=RESOURCES&itemId=1075386967 Discussion Questions: Compare & contrast LBS to GPS technology.

YouTube Video – Master Data Management TIBCOSoftware

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Description: 2:37 minutes. YouTube video describing the MDM process in which companies integrate data from various sources or enterprise applications to provide a more unified view of the data.  The data is consolidated from various data sources into a master reference file, which then feeds data back to the applications, thereby creating accurate and consistent data… Read more »

YouTube Video – Master Data Management

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Description: 9:22 minutes. YouTube video for discussion is focused around data integration, data quality and data warehousing.  An MDM includes tools for cleaning and auditing the master data elements as well as tools fro integrating & synchronizing data to make the data more accessible.  Source: Ted Friedman, YouTube Video  Date: 10/20/2008 Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm6O6_6bOcs Discussion Questions: What must be… Read more »

CIO Magazine – Demystifying MDM

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Description: Article from CIO.com for further discussion surrounding the topic of MDM.  Organizations must understand that improving their data—and building the foundation for MDM—requires them to address internal disagreements and broken processes. Staff must agree on exactly what constitutes a “customer” or a “partner,” and how to resolve any disagreements across business units. Departments and divisions… Read more »

IT Security – Top 5 Internal Security Threats

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                Description: Link to IT Security article.  Hot links to articles on this slide that will extend/further explain concepts presented in the text. What are some reason why employees fail to follow internal security policies & procedures?  How might they be more motivated?  Use incentives.  Recognition of employees/business units… Read more »

IT Security – Email Security Mistakes

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Description: In this article authors focus on 25 of the most common and easy to fix mistakes that people make when it comes to email security. The article is designed with the new internet user in mind, so if someone is an email expert, they may want to pass this along to their more novice friends… Read more »

InfoWeek – Positive Security: Worth The Work?

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  Description: Positive security, in which it whitelists everything from entire applications down to specific functions before allowing access, sounds extreme. Unfortunately, the desktop environments we know and love prioritize ease of use over security, and we’re all feeling the pain: More than half of respondents to our 2008 InformationWeek Analytics Strategic Security poll have been hit… Read more »