Toronto lab finds security vulnerabilities, censorship framework in Olympic app

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TORONTO – Researchers at a Toronto-based tech laboratory have uncovered security vulnerabilities and censorship frameworks in an app all 2022 Beijing Olympics attendees must use. The Citizen Lab, a research institute at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy that studies spyware, found a “simple but devastating” flaw in the… Read more »

Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

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Source: Ameca Date: January 19th, 2022 Link to 41 second video: Discussion Why is it important to have such a close-to-perfection humanoid robot? The “uncanny valley” is a term used for when a robot (or video) is close to human, but not perfect, and humans just get creeped out by this. Does this cross… Read more »

Twitter to label ‘good’ bot accounts

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Twitter has announced a new feature allowing accounts to self-identify as bots, by adding a label to their profile. Twitter said the update was based on research that found that people wanted more context about non-human accounts. The company gives several examples of “good bots” including accounts that share vaccination updates, information about seismic activity… Read more »

Tiggy ready to take on Canadian food delivery incumbents with 15-minute option

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Grocery delivery startup Tiggy is a new player in the Canadian quick commerce space, announcing Friday $6.35 million in seed funding to get its dark stores up-and-running to accommodate 15-minute deliveries. Source: TechCrunch Date: January 3rd, 2022 Link: Discussion What is a “dark store”?A: a large retail facility that resembles a conventional supermarket or other store… Read more »

The robot chefs that can cook your Christmas dinner

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If you are dreading having to cook your family’s Christmas Day dinner then you are definitely not alone. But for future Christmases there is now a new alternative – get a robot chef to do everything. A number of tech firms are now developing robots that can cook and plate up entire meals, both for… Read more »

What is the Metaverse?

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What is the Metaverse? From virtual versions of ourselves to augmented reality, big brands like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are creating technology to develop the metaverse. But what actually is it? Source: BBC Tech Date: January 3rd, 2022 Link to 2 minute 50 second video: Discussion Versions of the Metaverse have been around… Read more »