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A northern Alberta brewery has used a chatbot to create a beer that it hopes will become a talker. 

Amber Waves of Grain, released in February by Grain Bin Brewing Company, is an amber ale in which everything — the name, the price, the packaging and the recipe — was decided by OpenAI’s Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence tool trained to mimic human responses.

“We decided to just be as hands-off as possible, to see what the limitations were and what the actual final product would be if we relied solely on artificial intelligence,” said Dalen Landis, a co-owner of the brewery in Grande Prairie, Alta., about 450 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

In an interview with CBC News, Landis said the beer is meant to be a conversation piece. He said it also raises a moral dilemma particularly with the packaging generated from sources across the internet. 

“It’s using bits and pieces of other people’s content and it’s producing something for us that, you know, we’re using for profit.” 

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: March 10th, 2023



  1. “While the goal was 100 per cent artificial intelligence, Landis said brewery staff had to direct the technology at times. For example, when the AI-generated recipe called for a malt normally used in home brewing, staff asked for a substitute better suited to commercial production.”
    The AI used here was ChatGPT. Why do you need to have human intervention, as above, to make ChatGPT useful?
  2. “University of Alberta food microbiology professor Michael Gänzle said human oversight is an important aspect of utilizing chatbots in food production, especially given concerns around food safety and liability.”Somebody is responsible and that somebody is never a computer.” 
    How likely is it that professor Michael Gänzle is wrong when he says “hat somebody is never a computer.”?

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