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This video on “What is Salesforce?” is a complete guide for beginners who are new to Salesforce CRM. This video covers all the basic details of Salesforce CRM which includes what is CRM, importance of CRM, what is salesforce, why to choose Salesforce, architecture of salesforce, services provided by Salesforce and their application.
00:00:00 Why use Salesforce?
00:02:42 What is Salesforce?
00:04:47 Salesforce Architecture
00:07:05 Salesforce Cloud Services
00:09:25 Salesforce Applications

Source: SimpliLearn

Date: March 3rd, 2023

Link to 12 minute 48 second video:


  1. I use this video in my Intro to MIS class in the SaaS part of class. There is a nice intro to CRM and why you’d want an information system to do it well.
  2. Discuss why it makes sense for a company to use SaaS like Salesforce rather than building it themselves in-house.

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