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I was recently walking my dog when I saw a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike—or, should I say, trying to teach her. He had a short fuse, his instructions were confusing, and he kept talking over her when she tried to ask questions. The young girl was clearly frustrated and on the verge of giving up. 
I almost thought of handing him my business card: I train people every day. In my nearly nine-year career with Fast Enterprises, I’ve helped government agency staff reimagine how they serve their communities. 

Source: FAST Enterprises

Date: February 23rd, 2023



  1. It would be worthwhile discussing with students that frequently the hardest part of any technology project is not getting the technology to work, but getting the people to work with the technology. A discussion of why this is the case would be useful
  2. The article has 5 steps to improve change management. It would be useful to discuss each of the five steps.

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