How AI will impact the workplace

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Cybersecurity Expert Sherri Davidoff explained why we need not fear AI in the workplace. Sherri is CEO of Missoula, MT based LMG Security Source: This Morning with Gordon Deal Date: February 20th, 2023 Link to 5 minute podcast: Discussion

AI is dreaming up drugs that no one has ever seen. Now we’ve got to see if they work.

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At 82 years old, with an aggressive form of blood cancer that six courses of chemotherapy had failed to eliminate, “Paul” appeared to be out of options. With each long and unpleasant round of treatment, his doctors had been working their way down a list of common cancer drugs, hoping to hit on something that… Read more »

The AI companion who cares

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An AI companion who is eager to learn and would love to see the world through your eyes. Replika is always ready to chat when you need an empathetic friend Source: Date: February 17th, 2023 Link: Discussion It would be worthwhile pulling up the site and just letting it scroll through the “comments from users” before starting… Read more »