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Jaydeep Vacchani, a software developer in Toronto, began to hunt for a new job just as the surge of layoffs in the technology sector spread across the world.

Mr Vacchani found that his expertise in automation and cloud technology was in demand, and in October he had five interviews on the go.

Using cloud technology involves shifting data storage and processing to a third party like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft Azure. Meanwhile automation, in this case, means building software that streamlines labour-intensive work, like processing paperwork.

By November Mr Vacchani had found a “perfect fit” at sherpa°, a remote-only tech firm offering customers a way to secure travel visa documentation online.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: January 13th, 2023



  1. With there being a broad discussion about a global recession, it is understandable that many students in business might be worried about career prospects. This article highlights that being “tech-savvy” is an in-demand skillset. A discussion with students about the broad issue of a recession and what it means to have an in-demand skillset around MIS would be useful
  2. One point to discuss with students is “creative destruction” ( . When a tech firm such as Amazon lays off 10,000 people what the means is that there are now 10,000 highly skilled people who might go work at a non-tech business and bring in their tech skills. This is GREAT news for companies who have basically not been able to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook for talent. What it means is that digital transformation skills, and the need for people who understand them, is being push more broadly across a wider range of businesses and business types. This is what “creative destruction” is all about – yes, Amazon lays off 10,000 tech workers, but that brings creativity to 10,000 other companies that didn’t have it before.

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