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Google’s DeepMind AI division has already built machines that can wreck you in StarCraft II and predict millions of protein structures, but now it’s taking on an even harder task: writing coherent code. In an apparent effort to put themselves out of a job, DeepMind researchers have created an AI that can write code, and it performs surprisingly well in programming challenges. It’s neither the best nor worst when compared with humans participating in the same challenges, but the StarCraft AI was only a middling player at first.
While machine learning has advanced by leaps and bounds, it’s hard to create an AI that’s good at more than one thing. So, a machine could be trained with data to handle one class of programming challenges, but it would fail when given a different problem to tackle. So, the team decided to skip all the training on algorithms and code structure, instead treating it more like a translation problem.

Source: Extreme Tech

Date: December 19th, 2022



  1. For me, the best use of this article is a class discussion around what it means when you can just ask an AI to write code for you.
    Good prompt questions are:
    “Does this mean you don’t yourself need to know how to code?”
    “Is this similar, or not similar, to using a calculator to do math? (you don’t need to know now the calculator works, just that it does)?
    “Who looses a job with this technology?”
    “What are the new jobs created with this technology?”

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