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ChatGPT a ‘landmark event’ for AI, but what does it mean for the future of human labour and disinformation? Chatbot is the newest artificial intelligence tool on the block — and its responses feel scarily human

ChatGPT is the newest artificial intelligence tool on the block, and it can do anything from create poetry, write an intro for aradio show — like The Current — and even help with homework.
“I introduced this program to the class last Tuesday,” said Ethan Mollick, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
“People were asking it to find the error in their computer assignment, polishing up drafts, explaining a concept to them like they were five years old,” he told The Current’s Matt Galloway.
ChatGPT is an interactive program trained by AI research lab OpenAI. It was launched on Nov. 30, but has already amassed more than a million users, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.
IUsers can type a question or prompt into the program, and ChatGPT answers with a response designed to mimic that of a human — which the program does well, according to Mollick.
“This is one of several of these models … and [it] feels much more realistic and has really crossed a line where the kind of work it’s doing actually feels human as opposed to talking to a machine,” he said.
Michael Wooldridge, a computer science professor at the University of Oxford, says it’s a “landmark event” for AI.
“These tools can produce language, which is certainly at the level of an undergraduate student or a typical office worker,” he told Galloway. “That feels like a really important moment.”

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: December 19th, 2022


Note: there is also a 19 minute podcast at this location that you could use as an assignment before or after class


  1. Just this weekend I was talking to a current MIS student who said the following:
    “I was assigned to write an essay on a topic. I put the exact question into ChapGPT. I used that answer and fixed some of the repetitive stuff like it kept saying “Ronald Reagan said this…”. I put that answer into the paid version of Grammerly to fix the grammar. I put that answer into the Grammarly plagiarism engine, and the output was that the only plagiarism was the stuff I’d wrote! I think that’s because I am remembering what I’ve been told has been said. I submitted the answer, and got a 98% with a comment that I clearly understood the material, but could have just been a little more focused.
    If they are going to treat my like a robot I am going to use a robot to do the work”

    Really, you should just ask your students to discuss.
  2. Next semester I plan on using ChatGPT in my Intro to MIS class where I have the students write a lot of essays to make sure they are learning.
    I plan on having them put the exact prompt I give them into ChatGPT and to compare that answer to their answer, and to discuss with their neighbors.

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