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How do hackers break into your technology environment? According to our penetration testing services team, it often comes down to one missing patch. How do you avoid this fate? Let’s step through a recent penetration test that illustrates the latest hacker techniques. We’ll share how the pentest team finds the security gaps and some critical steps that stop attackers in their tracks.

The target: a professional services firm. The IT team had recently updated their systems and said it was unlikely that the penetration testing services team would find anything, but they wanted to do their due diligence (turns out, that was a very wise move!)

The client provided a list of IP addresses which anyone on the Internet could scan—and nothing else. From there, it was game on.

Source: LMG Security

Date: November 18th, 2022



  1. What is “a patch” when it comes to software and operating systems?
  2. Why is so hard for companies to keep up with “patches”?

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