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While nearly half of the executives surveyed by KPMG LLP (KPMG) at the start
of 2021 say that they are concerned that their overall industry may be moving
too fast with AI adoption, nearly all wish their own organization would move even
faster. Executives also harbor a nagging feeling that everyone else is doing better
than they are. Nearly eight in 10 say AI is functional in their organization, and a
majority using it say it is delivering value beyond what was promised. Yet threequarters believe the use of AI to help businesses is still more hype than reality,
and nearly two-thirds believe the U.S. is trailing other countries in taking advantage
of the technology.
Impossible contradictions? We see a coherent narrative behind these
findings. Faced with a stark reminder of what is possible with AI—COVID-19
vaccines developed in record time, for example—it is natural for many executives
to worry that their own organization may not be keeping pace. And trite as it
may seem, it is worth remembering that the grass usually looks greener on the
other side.

Source: KPMG

Date: November 15th, 2022


1) Why are these percentages like this?

2. “

Executives widely believe in AI’s ability to deliver value. Ninety-two percent agree
AI would make their organization run more efficiently, and individual industries report
confidence in AI’s potential to solve some of their biggest challenges. Indeed, at
organizations where AI has been adopted, the majority of executives say it is adding
even more value than was promised. The retail industry is a leader on this front, with
69 percent of retail executives saying their organization’s AI initiatives are yielding more
value. But even among the industries that are not as far ahead in this area—life sciences
and government—at least half report similarly favorable results (50 percent and 54
percent, respectively).”
In what ways can MIS majors be involved in AI initiatives?

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