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Despite widespread automation in other industries, contact centers are still lagging. Humans largely handle everything from resolutions to logging call summaries. I recently asked a 30-year contact center executive how she compared her agents’ work today to the work at the same company 20 years ago. She said she used to handle six calls an hour, and her agents today handle exactly the same number of calls.
Call volumes have increased with unpredictable spikes. Contact center leaders have lost their ability to plan workforce assignments effectively, and call patterns continue to change with pandemic waves and hybrid work—leaving leaders with no baseline for planning.

Source: Forbes

Date: November 9th, 2022



  1. “Many of today’s solutions are pretrained on customer service data, require little development effort and natively integrate with existing contact center software. This eliminates the need for contact centers to hire their own machine learning experts or accrue thousands of hours of training data themselves to deploy an effective automation solution.”
    This is Software as a Service (Saas), cloud computing and low-code programming all in one.
    Make sure students understand these three concepts, and how they are all coming together.
  2. What role can MIS majors play in the delivery of Software as a Service (Saas), cloud computing and low-code programming?

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