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Lovely, intelligent and well-dressed.
That’s how 82-year-old Frances Greenberg describes Grace, the newest member at her long-term care home in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-De-Grâce neighbourhood.
Grace is a rosy-cheeked, young-looking woman with a layered bob haircut. Oh, and she’s also a robot. 
Designed by the GeriPARTy Laboratory team, Grace will be visiting Résidence Pearl & Theo twice a week for the next eight weeks as part of a study led by Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital.
Her goal during each 30-minute session will be to keep seniors living in nursing homes company and help break social isolation.
“It’s lovely to have something like this here,” said Greenberg, who is among three seniors taking part in the study. 

Source: Toronto Daily Star

Date: November 4th, 2022




    1 minute video
    The interaction looks very clunky. In what other circumstances might this sort of humanoid technology work?
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