AI can improve Ontario’s health care system at lower costs

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Getting more for less is the consumer Holy Grail, but it’s rarely fulfilled. Yet by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into our health system, this is exactly what Canadians could get: better care at lower costs, freeing up resources to deliver faster and more integrated care. However, to fully realize health AI’s potential, researchers need… Read more »

Amazon, Meta, Netflix: Why Big Tech Is Facing Massive Layoffs | WSJ

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Source: Wall Street Journal Date: November 23rd, 2022 Link to 4 minute 45 second video: Discussion This is an important discussion for the Intro to MIS class, as layoffs in the tech industry have a direct impact on MIS majors. The video talks about Apple’s decision to ask users if they want to be… Read more »

Mass layoffs don’t deter tech workers as they stick with sector, look to startups

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: November 18th, 2022 Link: Discussion What is it about technology careers that means that there can be massive layoffs at Amazon, Twitter and such, but “Although many are getting laid off, they’re able to find new jobs quite quickly.”? What sorts of careers in technology are available to MIS… Read more »

Penetration Testing Services Team Says It Often Comes Down to One Missing Patch

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How do hackers break into your technology environment? According to our penetration testing services team, it often comes down to one missing patch. How do you avoid this fate? Let’s step through a recent penetration test that illustrates the latest hacker techniques. We’ll share how the pentest team finds the security gaps and some critical… Read more »

Unlocking the value of AI
across seven key industries

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Source: KPMG Date: November 15th, 2022 Discussion 1) Why are these percentages like this? 2. “ Executives widely believe in AI’s ability to deliver value. Ninety-two percent agreeAI would make their organization run more efficiently, and individual industries reportconfidence in AI’s potential to solve some of their biggest challenges. Indeed, atorganizations where AI has been…

Sask. farmers embracing locally developed ag tech

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Saskatchewan has become a hub for emerging ag tech, according to several industry experts. Plus, farmers in that province have a track record of adopting new technology and supporting local startups, says Sean O’Connor, managing director of Emmertech, a $60-million Conexus venture capital fund focused on Saskatchewan ag tech startups.  “Farmers are the most innovative business owners… Read more »

AI Can Make Bank Loans More Fair

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Source: Forbes Date: November 9th, 2022 Link: Discussion “In our work with financial services companies, we find the key lies in building AI-driven systems designed to encourage less historic accuracy but greater equity. That means training and testing them not merely on the loans or mortgages issued in the past, but instead on how… Read more »

The Brave New World Of Contact Center Automation

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Source: Forbes Date: November 9th, 2022 Link: Discussion “Many of today’s solutions are pretrained on customer service data, require little development effort and natively integrate with existing contact center software. This eliminates the need for contact centers to hire their own machine learning experts or accrue thousands of hours of training data themselves to… Read more »

Meet Grace, the humanoid robot offering companionship in a Montreal nursing home

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: November 4th, 2022 Link: Discussion Discussion minute videoThe interaction looks very clunky. In what other circumstances might this sort of humanoid technology work? Robots in the workplace will look nothing like this. Robots in the workplace will be Robotic Process Automation, which is basically the same as Excel… Read more »