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Mr Bradley’s most recent venture is a forthcoming travel app called Bula Fiji, which translates as “welcome Fiji”. It will allow holidaymakers to book flights, accommodation and activities all in one place.
Looking forward, Mr Bradley hopes that building a larger tech sector in Fiji will mean that more university graduates are able to stay and work in the country rather than leaving to work abroad.
Fiji’s main university, the University of the South Pacific, is the premier institution in the region.
Top students travel from across Fiji and other Pacific Island nations go there to study. But after they complete their degrees there has traditionally been a brain drain, with many leaving for more developed economies like Australia and New Zealand in search of better job opportunities.
“We have a university here that’s creating graduates, and they’re not really finding where they fit [in Fiji],” says Mr Bradley, who was previously head of Fiji’s foreign investment office.

“So then they all leave. Why can’t we work with those graduates, and then try and enable them to build applications and opportunities?”

Source: BBC Businessw

Date: October 10th, 2022



  1. I work at the University of Montana, in Missoula. When I came here 20 years ago, the only way for Management Information Systems graduates to get a good career was to leave Montana. Since then we’ve worked to bring tech consulting firms into Missoula. The biggest of these is ATG ( which does Salesforce implementation consulting. They have over 300 employees, over half of which are from the University of Montana.
    In what ways does the curriculum in Management Information Systems make local technology consulting a viable option for MIS graduates?
  2. Why is technology consulting, which includes Salesforce, AWS and Microsoft implementation, not geographically constrained?

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