Digital Transformation in Canada

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Source: Deloitte Canada Date: October 28th, 2022 Link to 1 hour video. Start at 2 minutes 50 seconds in to skip the introductions: Discussion “Digital transformation means different things to different people” (main presenter, 3 minutes in to the video). A discussion about the different aspects of “digital transformation” is very useful.5 minutes and… Read more »

3D-printed steaks are coming to Europe

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Israel’s Redefine Meat has struck a partnership with importer Giraudi Meats to drive European distribution of its ‘New Meat’ steak cuts produced on 3D printers. Source: Reuters Date: October 28th, 2022 Link to 3 minute 38 second video: Discussion In what ways would an MIS major be involved with a company like “Redefine Meat”?… Read more »

Selling on TikTok and Taobao

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As fashion shows go, the one that took place on Facebook Live in April 2021 was unique. The first model to strut down the catwalk was Cindy, a seven-month-old puppy wearing a green and blue canine flotation device. Next up was Mandalay, a tan dog wearing a fleece hoodie with built-in backpack. The omnichannel team at Petco,… Read more »

The power of automating everyday processes

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Source: IT World Canada Date: October 21st, 2022 Link: Discussion “First, manual processes open the door for human error and leave gaps for fraud to fall through. Second, they are incapable of capturing a true picture of spending, which obstructs any informed management. Finally, they do nothing to fuel business growth.”This is a good… Read more »

Tesla boss Elon Musk presents humanoid robot Optimus

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Source: BBC Date: October 20th, 2022 Link: Discussion “Mr Musk said the robots would be produced en masse, at a cost lower than $20,000 (£17,900), and be available in three to five years.”Why is this a game-changer for businesses? In what ways does Management Information Systems factor into robotics and robots like Optimus?

Bruce Willis denies selling rights to his face

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Source: BBC Technology News Date: October 20th, 2022 Link: Discussion Chris Anderson (author of The Long Tail and Free!) has said that the ability to custom generate videos based on search would be the next game-changing evolution in advertising. Do you think deepfake technology allows this to happen? Why does it matter that famous… Read more »

New smart cities can’t escape the same old problems

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Quayside, Toronto What it promised: Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google, proposed a high-tech and sustainable neighbourhood on Toronto’s eastern lakeshore. Among the ideas were heated pavements to encourage year-round walking, trash-collecting robots, winterized outdoor spaces protected by plastic “raincoats,” self-driving delivery vehicles on an underground tunnel network, traffic sensors and adaptable street layouts. How it’s… Read more »

Pacific Island Fiji aims for a high-tech future

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Source: BBC Businessw Date: October 10th, 2022 Link: Discussion I work at the University of Montana, in Missoula. When I came here 20 years ago, the only way for Management Information Systems graduates to get a good career was to leave Montana. Since then we’ve worked to bring tech consulting firms into Missoula. The… Read more »

Why ‘digital literacy’ is now a workplace non-negotiable

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Source: BBC Worklife Date: October 10th, 2022 Link: Discussion What are you doing to make sure that you meet the “greater expectation for employees to nimbly adopt whatever technology comes with their job as well as adapt to ever-changing tools and approaches. Workers are also expected to use technology strategically: from working off their personal… Read more »

Proposed data privacy law favour industry over individuals

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The stated objective of Canada’s private sector data protection law reform bill is to balance the privacy rights of individuals with industry’s need to collect and use their personal data. In other words, it is about the vulnerability of individuals in the face of the desire of industry to get the data it wants within… Read more »