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Erin Stephenson is co-founder of DOZR, a Kitchener-based digital marketplace that contractors turn to when they need to rent heavy machinery like a backhoe or bulldozer.

“Typically, when you need construction equipment, you need it now,” Stephenson says. But in the past, the equipment rental market has had little transparency around rates and availability — driving up construction costs. Founded in 2015, DOZR’s platform matches suppliers and contractors, and the firm also provides e-commerce software for rental companies to automate their operations.

Source: Toronto Daily Star

Date: September 7th, 2022



  1. “DOZR’s platform matches suppliers and contractors”. Platform’s that match are very common, it seems. The most well known might be AirBnB (accomodation) and Uber (riders and drivers). Is Netflix a type of “platform [that] matches suppliers and contractors”? I think it is possible to say “yes” and Netflix matches viewers with video-content producers.
  2. What other technology platforms are there that match suppliers and buyers?

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