The virtual cutting edge: how augmented reality is poised to transform surgery

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: September 30th, 2022 Link: Discussion In what other ways, besides surgery, could a tool like this be used? Why would an MIS degree be useful in this field, or how would you put an MIS to use in this field?

Japan’s push into ‘deep tech’ innovation

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Source: BBC Technology News Date: September 30th, 2022 Link: Discussion “deep tech…are small firms who are merging high-tech engineering innovation with scientific discovery. The hope is that it will lead to the development of transformational products.” What other types of “deep tech” are around right now? One of the best ways to find out… Read more »

Dealing with dread: how virtual therapy can help people cope with eco-anxiety

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: September 22nd, 2022 Link: Discussion “Cassandra Cornacchia is a registered social worker who offers counselling via several organizations, including Inkblot Therapy, a Canadian company that provides digital-first mental-health care. She argues that, for many people, online treatment is not only a workable care model but an ideal one.” Why might… Read more »

The Merge: A cryptocurrency revolution

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The Merge – Ethereum, the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency, attempts the Merge, a radical new operating model that cuts its energy usage by 99%. Will it work – and how will it reshape crypto? Source: BBC Podcast Date: September 22nd, 2022 Link to podcast (Start to about 10 minutes 45 seconds in) Discussion Why… Read more »

Ethereum Merge: A cryptocurrency ‘going green’

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The second biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is set to switch over to a new operating model that it says uses 99.9% less energy. Called The Merge, the change has been planned for eight years, and is designed to answer critics who reject cryptocurrency on environmental grounds. Source: BBC News Date: September 22nd, 2022 Link to 2… Read more »

Canada’s ag industry would benefit from ‘cyber barn raising’ to protect farmers from online attacks: experts

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There’s an increasing amount of technology and data on farms and in the agricultural sector. But as farm equipment becomes more advanced and connected to the internet, there also are concerns they’ll become targets for cyberattacks, something that could also put Canada’s food security at risk. Ali Dehghantanha is a computer scientist at the University of Guelph and the… Read more »

“Art is dead Dude” – the rise of the AI artists stirs debate

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Source: BBC Technology News Date: September 15th, 2022 Link: Discussion Really the question should be “What is art?”! Does it matter that AI created the art piece? In what ways could this technology be put to good business use? I went to midjourney AI at and put in “professor in a classroom teaching… Read more »

Music industry as tough as it has always been, watchdog says

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Source: BBC Technology News Date: September 15th, 2022 Link: Discussion The issue here is that the digital distribution of music has led to “138 billion streams in the UK last year”, which is great for listeners, but “pitiful returns” for artists. Is this the fault of technology and digital distribution, is it the fault… Read more »

This Kitchener entrepreneur is bulldozing stereotypes in construction

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Erin Stephenson is co-founder of DOZR, a Kitchener-based digital marketplace that contractors turn to when they need to rent heavy machinery like a backhoe or bulldozer. “Typically, when you need construction equipment, you need it now,” Stephenson says. But in the past, the equipment rental market has had little transparency around rates and availability — driving… Read more »