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Ron Spreeuwenberg is CEO of HiMama, one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.
Together with his business partner, Alana Frome, Spreeuwenberg runs HiMama, a Toronto-based tech company. Its software enables daycares to share photos and update parents on what their kids are doing during the day, as well as run their administration efficiently. It has more than a million users and is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Last year, it raised $70 million and snapped up FunShine Express, an American maker of learning materials.

Source: Toronto Daily Star

Date: April 29th, 2022



  1. “Every child in the daycare program is entered into the software and parents receive invitations to HiMama, which they can access through our app or website, where they receive updates about their child and can message the child’s caregiver. ” What are some of the cybersecurity issues around this?
  2. What other roles / uses could we put this software to?

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