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New iPhone SE 2022: Specs, price, release date, how to buy | ZDNet
The debut of Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone brings a change to the way its U.S. customers can purchase the device, a move toward cutting wireless carriers out of the process and giving the tech giant more control.
Traditionally, when a user buys an iPhone at an Apple retail store or the company’s online store, the customer provides their wireless phone number and the last four digits of their Social Security number. That lets the carrier run a credit check and approve the transaction, but it adds time to the process and could be a barrier to closing the sale. 
Starting with the iPhone SE — a low-end model that goes on sale Friday for $429 — that process is changing, Apple has told retail employees. New iPhone SE buyers who choose AT&T Inc. or T-Mobile US Inc. as their wireless carrier won’t need to provide their information at the time of purchase. Instead, shoppers will be able to enter that data and connect to their carrier when they power on the device for the first time.

Source: Bloomberg Technology News

Date: March 24th, 2022



  1. The new feature is called “on-device authentication.”  Why does it make it better for consumers?
  2. Why does this new feature make it better for Apple (which is why they are doing it)?

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