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rhonda and megan kampert

Rhonda Kampert was an early adopter.

She bought six Bitcoins in 2013, when they cost about $80 (£60) each, and were the chatter of niche corners of the internet.

“I used to listen to a radio talk show and they started talking about crypto and Bitcoin so I got interested,” she says.

“Back then buying it was so complicated but I fumbled my way through the process and bought my coins.”

Rhonda, who lives in the US state of Illinois, spent some of her digital money over the next year or so, then forgot about it.

But when she saw headlines late in 2017 announcing that the value of Bitcoin had risen to nearly $20,000 she excitedly went to her computer to log in and cash out.

Source: BBC

Date: February 10th, 2022



  1. This story really is about nothing more than a lost password. It just happens that the lost password was to something worth a lot.
    What are some ways to safely store passwords?
  2. Why are password managers (like 1Password: a very good idea?

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