Fraudsters Use Robocall Bots to Steal Crypto Investors’ 2FA Codes

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Source: CNBC Date: February 28th, 2022 Link: Discussion Is this issue here really the robocall, or the fact that someone gave out their secret 2FA code over the phone? Why did the robocalls make a difference here?

Artificial intelligence to help farmers see cloud-covered fields

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Source: BBC Technology Date: February 28th, 2022 Link: Discussion “the algorithm will open up the six-year archive of cloudy Sentinel-2 imagery to all kinds of new analysis, from mapping trends in drought to tracking the extent of frost and snow cover.” How will this be useful? If you can get six-years of archival data… Read more »

How technology is helping shrink grocery bills by cutting food waste

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A number of companies — including Flashfood, Too Good To Go and FeedBack — have entered the Canadian market billing themselves as an innovative way to simultaneously cut food waste and save money.  “They are becoming more popular because more and more consumers realise that savings occur more on the back-end of the grocery store experience,” said Sylvain… Read more »

The mobile phones you can take apart and repair yourself

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“The Fairphone 2 could be taken apart in under two minutes,” says Mr Lesse. “There were models where you didn’t even need tools to take the display off in order to replace it yourself.” Fairphone customers range from programmers who have been drawn to the software possibilities of the phones, to consumers in search of… Read more »

How smart sensors can help us care for our houseplants

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To help her and others who worry about their lack of green fingers, there has been a growth in the sale of hi-tech sensors for indoor plants – devices that you push into the soil next to them. These sensors are usually solar powered and connect wirelessly by Bluetooth or wi-fi to a user’s smartphone… Read more »

Supercomputer helps Canadian researcher uncover thousands of viruses that could cause human diseases

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racking pathogens that could spark future pandemics is no easy feat, but thanks to the help of a supercomputer, a Canadian researcher is among a team of scientists who’ve uncovered thousands of viruses that might one day pose a threat to humans. Dubbed the Serratus Project, the international collaboration recently shared its findings in the journal Nature — which included… Read more »

Apple AirTags – ‘A perfect tool for stalking’

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Amber Norsworthy lives in Mississippi with her four children. It had just turned 3pm when she got home on 27 December. She received a notification on her phone. “My phone made a ding that I’d never heard before”, she says. The notification told her that an unknown device had been following her movements. Ms Norsworthy,… Read more »