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If you are dreading having to cook your family’s Christmas Day dinner then you are definitely not alone.

But for future Christmases there is now a new alternative – get a robot chef to do everything.

A number of tech firms are now developing robots that can cook and plate up entire meals, both for commercial and domestic kitchens.

One of those at the forefront is London-based Moley Robotics, which is due to release its product, the Moley Robotic Kitchen, next year.

Attached to rails fitted to the ceiling, two robotic arms hang down over your oven and hob, and can cook more than 5,000 different recipes. You just pick the dish in question on a touch screen, add the ingredients it tells you to the built-in containers, and it does everything else.

It can turn on the oven and hob, pick up and put down saucepans and spatulas, stir, whisk and flip.

Source: YouTube / BBC

Date: January 3rd, 2022



  1. Where does tech like this actually make sense?
  2. Does it make sense to build a robot that actually moves like a human, as this one does, or to change the process (remove the human)?

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