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 Matt Cohen, a managing partner at Ripple Ventures, told The Exchange that “while investment in Canadian startups of all varieties has ramped up lately, AI-enabled startups are certainly leading the pack.”

We’re behind, it turns out. But not so far behind that we cannot catch up on the Canadian AI startup story. Our questions are simple: Why are Canadian startups seeing their fundraising fortunes rise so sharply, what parts of the AI stack are being attacked, what role does public money play in the rising investment totals and what impact do local universities have on artificial intelligence work in Canada?

Source: Tech Crunch

Date: December 3rd, 2021



  1. If AI is so important, what are you doing to make yourself at least a little “tech-savvy” in this area?
  2. In what way is AI going to impact the area of study you think you want to pursue?

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