How hologram tech may soon replace video calls

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When Swiss watch boss, Christoph Grainger-Herr, was unable to fly to a global trade show in China because of Covid-19 restrictions, he decided to beam in Star Trek-style instead. Mr Grainger-Herr, the chief executive of luxury brand IWC, had been due to travel to the Watches and Wonders event in Shanghai back in April. When… Read more »

UBC team creates stretchy, washable battery — and new possibilities for wearable tech

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Researchers from the University of British Columbia have created what they’re saying could be the first battery that is both flexible and washable. John Madden, an electrical and computer engineering professor and director of UBC’s Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Lab, says these batteries are just like alkaline batteries that we’re used to, except they are rechargeable,… Read more »

On patrol with a real-life Robocop

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It’s not like the gun-toting Robocop in the film, but police say this robot is helping to bring crime rates down. Source: BBC Technology News Date: December 10th, 2021 Link to 2 minute 25 second video: Discussion What are some issues with using robots for security? How might you build a business around robotics… Read more »

God and robots: Will AI transform religion?

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Artificial intelligence is changing how we interact with everything, from food to healthcare, travel and also religion. Experts say major global faiths are discussing their relationship with AI, and some are starting to incorporate this technology into their worship. Robot priests can recite prayers, deliver sermons, and even comfort those experiencing a spiritual crisis. Source:… Read more »

n a crowded global market, Canadian AI startups’ fundraising results stand out

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 Matt Cohen, a managing partner at Ripple Ventures, told The Exchange that “while investment in Canadian startups of all varieties has ramped up lately, AI-enabled startups are certainly leading the pack.” We’re behind, it turns out. But not so far behind that we cannot catch up on the Canadian AI startup story. Our questions are… Read more »

Can apps manage our chronic health conditions?

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From stumbling slowly out of bed, to doing active weights classes at the gym, Ewa-Lena Rasmusson’s mobility has transformed during the pandemic. The 55-year-old, from Stockholm, says it’s all thanks to a Swedish app that creates bespoke exercise plans designed to help alleviate joint pain. Every day the app sends Ms Rasmusson a “nudge” to… Read more »