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Nicole Aschoff was the featured speaker Monday at ‘Critical Tech Talk 1: The digital frontier and its limits,’ hosted by University of Waterloo and Communitech.

In the creation of a new digital frontier, we are the unpaid labour.

Dedicating hours of our days to scrolling, swiping and liking, the data generated by internet users is powering its continued expansion.

Where it goes, no one knows, but the answers should lie with us, argues Nicole Aschoff, author of “The Smartphone Society.”

Aschoff was the keynote speaker at the University of Waterloo’s Critical Tech Talk on Monday, a six-part speaker series taking on the topic of responsible innovation, with each of the school’s six faculties cohosting throughout the series.

“Deep down, we don’t think we can control the direction of digital technology,” Aschoff said. “We believe that it’s an implacable force with quasi meta-physical properties. Even when we’re critical of Silicon Valley, we’re resigned to letting tech companies shape the digital frontier. We shouldn’t be resigned.”

Source: Toronto Daily Star

Date: November 16th, 2021



  1. “There’s always a delicate balance when you’re governing big companies,” said Dey on the question of government regulation.  ” What is the “balance” being talked about here?
  2. ” people have the creativity, knowledge and tools to build the digital future we want, and should not sit back and let a small number of people direct where technology is taking us ” Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?

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