Scotiabank ditches resumés for campus hiring, widening candidate pool

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Canadians eyeing internships, co-op placements and graduate positions at Scotiabank no longer have to polish up their resumés. The Toronto bank removed the requirement as part of its campus hiring program and has begun using assessments from Waterloo, Ont. technology company Plum to help find untapped talent and ease the barriers to employment among some… Read more »

Inside the controversial US gunshot-detection firm

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ShotSpotter’s incident-review room is like any other call centre. Analysts wearing headsets sit by computer screens, listening intently. Yet the people working here have an extraordinary responsibility. They make the final decision on whether a computer algorithm has correctly identified a gunshot – and whether to dispatch the police. Making the wrong call has serious… Read more »

‘Frontiers are made, not opened’ — We have the creativity, knowledge and tools to build the digital future we want

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In the creation of a new digital frontier, we are the unpaid labour. Dedicating hours of our days to scrolling, swiping and liking, the data generated by internet users is powering its continued expansion. Where it goes, no one knows, but the answers should lie with us, argues Nicole Aschoff, author of “The Smartphone Society.”… Read more »

McDonald’s and IBM could bring AI-powered drive-thrus to more restaurants

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McDonald’s might not be the only restaurant experimenting with AI-based order taking in the near future. Restaurant Dive reports McDonald’s is selling its McD Tech Labs to IBM in order to “further accelerate” work on its automated voice ordering systems. The deal will help apply the technology to a wider variety of countries, languages and menus, McDonald’s said, while bolstering IBM’s Watson-powered customer service… Read more »

Hertz to buy 100,000 Teslas for its rental fleet by next year

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Hertz announced Monday that it will buy 100,000 electric vehicles from Tesla, one of the largest purchases of battery-powered cars in history. The purchase by one of the world’s leading rental car companies reflects its confidence that electric vehicles are gaining acceptance with environmentally minded consumers as an alternative to vehicles powered by petroleum-burning internal… Read more »

What’s Facebook’s metaverse? Mark Zuckerberg says he’s crafting the future of the internet. Here’s why your data’s at risk

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In his 1992 novel Snow Crash, author Neal Stephenson introduced the concept of a “metaverse” — a fantastical virtual world that felt as real and present as reality itself. Almost three decades later, Mark Zuckerberg is dragging Stephenson’s vision into reality. Recently, the Facebook CEO and co-founder unveiled his company’s metaverse project during a virtual conference. Reminiscent of… Read more »

Is the Rise of the Restaurant QR Code Overblown?

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The past few years have demonstrated that the ground can shift in unexpected ways. However, I do retain my 2019 era skepticism toward the broad mandates that outline what restaurants should do or where the restaurant industry is going. Will QR codes become (or remain) integral and “normal” for every business that monetizes food and… Read more »