PropTech is making it easier to buy or sell a house online

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While the advent of e-commerce and mobile technology long ago changed the way Canadians shop for everything from clothing to vacations to food, the real estate industry has been slower to embrace digital innovation. For most people, buying a house remains a cumbersome, time-consuming process that involves multiple in-person visits with agents, lawyers and bankers…. Read more »

A robot housebuilder

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This robotic housebuilder is not a 3d-printing approach to building houses. It is much closer to the automotive approach to building cars. Source: In The Know Date: October 27th, 2021 Link: Discussion When does it makes sense to use a robotic housebuilder over 3D-printing a house? What other applications could be used for this… Read more »

New Toronto company can alert firms to unintended consequences in their AI

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Rarely a week goes by without Toronto tech worker Karthik Ramakrishnan seeing another example of artificial intelligence gone wrong. Systems programmed with the technology have led to a French medical chatbot suggesting someone commit suicide, another created by Microsoft tweeting a 9/11 conspiracy theory and an Inc. recruiting tool downgrading resumes with references to… Read more »

Modular vehicle

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A completely different approach to self-driving cars, one in which they are part of a larger system. Source: Your Future Car Date: October 20th, 2021 Link: Discussion Most of the point of having a car is the freedom to do things the way you want to at the time you want to. This model… Read more »

Montreal-made website uses AI to show impacts of climate change on any address

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Imagine Parliament Hill blanketed in orange skies, floodwaters climbing the sides of BC Place stadium or a thick layer of smog fogging the view of Halifax from Citadel Hill. These are all scenes depicted on a website published Thursday that blends artificial intelligence with geography to show the potential impact of climate change on almost… Read more »

Mojo Vision: This is the first AR contact lens

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Source: Mojo Vision Date: October 12th, 2021 Link to 3 minute 0 second video: Discussion What are some of the Management Information Systems issues around having an AR-enabled contact lens? This is a clear push into a world of augmented reality. What issues, such as ethical issues, might a Management Information Systems professional have… Read more »