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Seth Dyer, left, is selling his album as an NFT on and Krista Kim is a digital artist who sells and auctions her artwork on SuperRare marketplace.

A little over a week after independent Toronto musician Seth Dyer released his “Act One — Outcast” album, he had sold just one copy.

But he was excited.

Why? That one copy sold for $1,000, or around half an Ethereum, to someone who purchased it via, a marketplace for NFT digital art.

“It might sound like a little, but (I) would have to get a couple hundred thousand streams to get $1,000,” Dyer said, drawing a comparison to success in the music world industry.

Dyer sees a creative future in this transformative digital landscape.

Source: Toronto Daily Star

Date: May 5th, 2021



  1. This chart is very useful and informative. What sorts of things could it apply to?

2. Is there a way to start a business around helping people distribute their work with NFTs?

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