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A dog training academy is teaching new tricks to a pair of very special dogs and their human handlers at Shell’s Scotford Complex.

But with their abilities to open doors and take photos, the four-legged robots named Bolt and Gadget are clearly a cut above the average canine. 

“The intent is to use them for some basic maintenance inspections,” Conal MacMillan, the company’s external relations manager, told CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM on Wednesday. 

“We’ll be able to program them to their own custom routes to test our plant conditions, to help us out with some security tasks and if needed — hopefully not — perform autonomous emergency response missions on our site, too.”

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: March 4th, 2021



  1. What sorts of issues might arise with using robodogs to do “basic maintenance inspections”?
  2. What other operations and businesses could use this sort of technology?

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