How 3 brothers solved a tech glitch that was crashing Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine booking tool

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Within minutes of its 8 a.m. opening on Wednesday morning, the Alberta system allowing seniors to book for the COVID-19 vaccine had crashed. By noon, a trio of Edmonton brothers had figured out the problem on the website and posted a solution on Twitter to help others sidestep the glitch. The issue, according to Kory Mathewson,… Read more »

Build Your Next Great Innovation Now: No Coding Required

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IT professionals with deep coding skills have long been the lifeline of many corporations, providing technical solutions to everyday problems. But as companies push for digital transformation, IT departments are at maximum capacity, and projects have piled up. Now, companies are tasking employees without traditional coding backgrounds to lead innovation in their own departments. These… Read more »

The only way to control tech giants like Facebook may be for governments to gang up

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It used to be that the most influential media companies in Canada had to keep at least one eye on the Canadian public interest whether they wanted to or not. Broadcasters are regulated through the Broadcasting Act, and while newspapers face less oversight, a restriction on foreign ownership means there is always the potential that… Read more »

‘Smart’ face masks promise high-tech protection

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Face masks have become an everyday item due to the spread of coronavirus. But now some brands are exploring ways to add hi-tech features focused on safety and utility. Source: BBC News Date: February 19th, 2021 Link to 3 minute 51 second video: Discussion Useful tech gadget, or gimmick? What makes the difference? How… Read more »

Why GM’s switch to electric vehicles may be more important for the oilpatch than Keystone XL’s cancellation

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Less than two weeks ago, GM caught some people by surprise with its pledge to make the vast majority of the vehicles it produces electric by 2035.  Warren Mabee, director of Queen’s University’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, believes for the oilpatch, the significance of GM’s announcement outweighs the recent cancellation of Keystone XL. “That really starts to… Read more »

U.S. technology company Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy law: report

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A report by four Canadian privacy commissioners has found Clearview AI’s technology created a significant risk to individuals by allowing law enforcement and companies to match photos against its database of more than three billion images, including Canadians and children. Clearview AI’s software collects images from the internet and allows users to search for matches. … Read more »