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Thousands of fake Canadian government websites, emails and apps that take advantage of the pandemic to try to mine personal data or steal money have been taken down in the last few months, according to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

The centre leads the federal government’s response to cyber-security events, defends Ottawa’s cyber assets and provides advice to Canadian industries, businesses and citizens about how to protect themselves online.

Evan Koronewski, a spokesperson for the centre, said in email the fraudulent websites are impersonating the government of Canada to “deliver fake COVID-19 exposure notification applications, designed to install malware on users devices.”

Koronewski said those programs were created to steal personal information or money. 

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporatin

Date: January 22nd, 2021



  1. In what ways would you advise your employees to make sure they avoid being entrapped by these fake websites?
  2. What sort of cyber security business could you set up to offer services to companies to prevent this sort of issue?

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