How to make your online shopping less of an environmental or carbon footprint mess

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Canada Post is expecting a significant increase in holiday packages this year due to COVID-19. But that doesn’t have to mean a higher carbon footprint, according to logistics experts.  Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Date: December 14th, 2020 Link (includes 6 minute podcast as well as the article): Discussion Why is important for digital companies… Read more »

Inside the November FBI Ransomware Alert – See Real Images of Ryuk Ransomware in Action!

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Learn how to recognize the precursors of the latest ransomware threat and protect your organization. The FBI recently released a Joint Cybersecurity Advisory warning of imminent ransomware attacks on healthcare and the public health sector. In this fast-paced, technical talk, we will show you real examples of the Ryuk ransomware, including indicators to watch for… Read more »

Amazon’s Panorama box lets firms check if staff follow coronavirus rules

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Amazon plans to sell companies a way to detect when staff are not wearing face masks or socially distancing. Beyond the pandemic, the system could also be used to track compliance of other workplace rules or to monitor the public – for example, to check the number of customers queuing in a store. It involves… Read more »

What cities can learn from the biggest battery-powered electric bus fleet in North America

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The largestbattery poweredelectric bus fleet in North America is Canadian. Toronto’s transit system is now running 59 electric buses from three suppliers. And Canadian pioneers like Toronto offer lessons for other transit systems aiming to transition to greener fleets for the low-carbon economy of the future. Diesel buses are some of the noisier, more polluting… Read more »

How A Former Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Used TikTok And Instagram To Build Gymshark Into A Billion-Dollar Sportswear Brand

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Even in the slightly unhinged world of internet influencers, Devon Lévesque is one of the most intense—hands down. Recently the 28-year-old fitness pro bear-crawled 26.2 miles around New York City to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health. To the delight of his nearly 500,000 Instagram fans, on October 30 Lévesque, who can hit 12 miles… Read more »

Slack sold to business software giant for $27.7bn

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Salesforce has agreed to buy workplace messaging app Slack for $27.7bn (£20bn) in what would be one of the biggest tech mergers in recent years. Marc Benioff, boss of the business software giant, called the deal a “match made in heaven”. He has been pushing to expand the company’s software offerings and fend off rivals such as… Read more »

Ottawa to impose ‘fair share’ of tax on digital giants including Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb

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That Netflix tax is coming after all. The federal government is taking aim at digital giants including Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb, insisting they pay HST or GST on sales to Canadian consumers, a move that experts warn could raise prices. Everything from app-store purchases to streaming subscriptions to items purchased on Amazon could be hit under the… Read more »

One of biology’s biggest mysteries ‘largely solved’ by AI

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One of biology’s biggest mysteries has been solved using artificial intelligence, experts have announced. Predicting how a protein folds into a unique three-dimensional shape has puzzled scientists for half a century. London-based AI lab, DeepMind, has largely cracked the problem, said the organisers of a scientific challenge. A better understanding of protein shapes could play… Read more »