Black Friday on Amazon: How to spot fake reviews online

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Many shops are still expected to offer deals online for the pre-Christmas sales event on 27 November. It’s been a difficult year for lots of retailers, who will be hoping Black Friday – and its bigger cousin Cyber Monday – will give them a much-needed boost But this all comes with a health warning if you’re buying… Read more »

Smart doorbells ‘easy target for hackers’ study finds

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Major security flaws in popular smart doorbells are putting consumers at risk of being targeted by hackers inside their homes, according to Which. The consumer group says devices being sold on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, could easily be hacked or switched off by criminals. It is asking the government for new legislation to… Read more »

Trump will be gone. But Canada might not have a freer hand to regulate multinational internet giants under President Joe Biden

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Navdeep Bains chooses his words carefully when asked what a Biden administration could mean for Canada’s approach to big tech regulation. Surely Canada would have a freer hand under President Joe Biden to regulate and tax multinational internet giants, without Donald Trump threatening trade sanctions and tariffs? “I would say there’s a broader understanding that protectionism… Read more »

State-sponsored actors ‘very likely’ looking to attack electricity supply, says intelligence agency

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State-sponsored actors are “very likely” trying to shore up their cyber capabilities to attack Canada’s critical infrastructure — such as the electricity supply — to intimidate or to prepare for future online assaults, a new intelligence assessment warns. “As physical infrastructure and processes continue to be connected to the internet, cyber threat activity has followed, leading to increasing risk to… Read more »

How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things

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now more retailers are using AI (artificial intelligence) – software systems that can learn for themselves – to try to automatically predict and encourage our very specific preferences and purchases like never before. Retail consultant Daniel Burke, of Blick Rothenberg, calls this “the holy grail… to build up a profile of customers and suggest a product before… Read more »

B.C. ecologist uses facial recognition software to track grizzly bears

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Melanie Clapham has spent the last three years snapping images of grizzly bears at Knight Inlet, on the B.C. coast, using small camera traps housed in metal and strapped securely to the forest branches. Three years and thousands of images later, the behavioural ecologist and postdoctoral student at the University of Victoria has partnered with two software… Read more »

Super fast 5G connectivity by plane would provide “breakthrough”

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Super fast 5G connectivity provided by a continually airborne fleet of pilotless planes would be a “breakthrough”, said the team developing it. Engineering firm Cambridge Consultants has been working on an antenna system that, once mounted to specially designed aircraft, can provide data speeds of over 100 megabits per second. Richard Deakin, chief executive of Stratospheric Platforms near Cambridge,… Read more »

Companies with robot workers tend to have more human workers, too, Statscan says

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Statistics Canada says domestic firms that invested in robots since the late 1990s have also expanded their human workforces, suggesting a less than “apocalyptic” result for workers overall. The findings released today show that over two decades, firms that invested in automation had workforces 15 per cent larger relative to other companies in the same… Read more »