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Wireless mesh networks: 4 things you need to know - Asurion

THERE ARE AREAS in my life where I’ve spent too much money and time trying to be cheap. My reward: steady aggravation—until I spent a bit more to get the right solution.

Which brings me to home networking technology. Most of us spend some $500 a year or more for internet broadband service. The problem: Many families are still living with old networking gear that’s slower than it should be, sometimes unreliable or provides poor wi-fi coverage in parts of their house.

Networking technology can get complicated pretty fast, so internet service providers try to simplify their customers’ lives by integrating four separate networking functions into a single internet gateway device (IGD) that they give you upon installation—and for which you pay each month

Source: HumbleDollar

Date: October 30th, 2020



  1. What sort of home/dorm network do you have, and why?
  2. Could you set up a business helping people sort this out?

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