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Beat the cheats - fixing the issue of 'gamed' consultations

U.S. CREDIT CARD fraud topped $8 billion in 2015 and should surpass $12 billion next year. You can reduce your exposure to such incidents with a few simple steps. Why bother? Won’t the bank pick up the tab when unauthorized purchases show up on your account? Generally, yes, thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. But there may be limitations on that protection, based on how quickly you notify your bank when you discover unauthorized charges.

There are two well-established ways your credit card information can be stolen and used.

Source: HumbleDollar

Date: October 30th, 2020



  1. Why is ” near-field communication (NFC) mobile tap-to-pay technology ” the ” most secure option ” for using a credit or debit card?
  2. What is near-field communication (NFC) mobile tap-to-pay technology?

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