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If your washing machine is on the blink and you’re looking for appliance repair, be wary — new evidence reveals that you can’t always trust Google when it comes to finding a reliable local appliance repair person.

A months-long investigation by CBC’s Marketplace found questionable business practices such as fake Google Maps addresses and bogus company names are plaguing the appliance repair industry.

In some areas, as many as 50 per cent of the local appliance repair companies returned in a Google Maps search appeared to be fake. Fake company names and locations change all the time, so a phoney company listing that appears on Google Maps one day may be gone the next, the investigation found.

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: October 16th, 2020



  1. ” Experts in online searching question why Google hasn’t been doing more to combat fraudulent map listings. ” Why do you think Google is not doing more to combat this problem?
  2. How might Google go about detecting this sort of issue?

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