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Quebec has joined the COVID Alert app, leaving B.C. and Alberta as the only remaining provinces with no immediate plans to activate the digital tool. Both Nova Scotia and P.E.I. have committed to joining in the coming days.

The federal government-administered smartphone app allows users to report a positive coronavirus test and alert others of a potential exposure.

Health Canada says more features could be on the way, but the federal agency says its priority remains to have all provinces and territories join the app “as is.”

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: October 9th, 2020



  1. The installation and use of these “contact-tracing” apps comes down to a balance between privacy of the user of the app and the public health benefits for all of the use of the app. What are some of the privacy issues here?
  2. ” Fitness apps and automatic screen time logging provide examples of the way a COVID app could share data with users about their behaviour and help shape their actions.” Why do some people use and love fitness apps, whereas others don’t? How might this help inform how to get people to use the contract-tracing app?

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