Mall real estate company collected 5 million images of shoppers, say privacy watchdogs

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The real estate company behind some of Canada’s most popular shopping centres embedded cameras inside its digital information kiosks at 12 shopping malls in major Canadian cities to collect millions of images — and used facial recognition technology without customers’ knowledge or consent — according to a new investigation by the federal, Alberta and B.C. privacy commissioners…. Read more »

Making a Mesh

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THERE ARE AREAS in my life where I’ve spent too much money and time trying to be cheap. My reward: steady aggravation—until I spent a bit more to get the right solution. Which brings me to home networking technology. Most of us spend some $500 a year or more for internet broadband service. The problem: Many families are… Read more »

Beat the Cheats

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U.S. CREDIT CARD fraud topped $8 billion in 2015 and should surpass $12 billion next year. You can reduce your exposure to such incidents with a few simple steps. Why bother? Won’t the bank pick up the tab when unauthorized purchases show up on your account? Generally, yes, thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Electronic… Read more »

Canadian professor’s website helps Russia spread disinformation, says U.S. State Department

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As U.S. authorities guard against dirty tricks from foreign adversaries in the run-up to the Nov. 3 presidential election, an unlikely source has come under new scrutiny as a major conduit of Russian-linked disinformation: a Montreal-based website run by a retired University of Ottawa professor. The platform, Global Research, features a Canadian domain name and offers an ever-expanding… Read more »

iPhone ATM PIN code hack

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Mark Rober shows how infra-red technology can be used to grab ATM and Debit Card PINs. Source: YouTube Date: October 22nd, 2020 Link: Discussion What sort of business might you be able to set up using this infra-red technology? How would you advise your employees at your company to avoid infra-red attacks?

Looking for local appliance repair? Why you can’t always trust what you find on Google Maps

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If your washing machine is on the blink and you’re looking for appliance repair, be wary — new evidence reveals that you can’t always trust Google when it comes to finding a reliable local appliance repair person. A months-long investigation by CBC’s Marketplace found questionable business practices such as fake Google Maps addresses and bogus company names… Read more »

Who needs 5G?

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New research from OpenSignal, which collects data from mobile users via a speed test app, shows just how early in the rollout of 5G we are – and how variable an experience customers are receiving. Its report shows that, in Saudi Arabia and South Korea, 5G customers are getting average download speeds of over 300Mbps –… Read more »

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To FinTech Everyone Can Understand

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You may have heard the relatively new term “FinTech” bandied about, but what actually is it? And why is it important for all entrepreneurs to know about and understand? FinTech stands for Financial Technologies, and in its broadest definition, that’s exactly what it is: technologies used and applied in the financial services sector, chiefly used by financial… Read more »

Few provinces still resisting COVID Alert app as new features under consideration

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Quebec has joined the COVID Alert app, leaving B.C. and Alberta as the only remaining provinces with no immediate plans to activate the digital tool. Both Nova Scotia and P.E.I. have committed to joining in the coming days. The federal government-administered smartphone app allows users to report a positive coronavirus test and alert others of… Read more »