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A massive, white 4,000-kilogram contraption jerks and tilts, its electric motor whining as it pumps fluid into eight hydraulic cylinders moving the legs.

The operator of Prosthesis, as it’s called, is new at this — it’s his second day at the complicated controls, and the goal is still just to make it walk.

So far, trainee Chris Livingston mostly manages to kick up dust, dig ruts in the dirt, and get a surprisingly strenuous workout.

Prosthesis is a project led by Jonathan Tippett, co-founder of the company created to build it, Furrion Exo-Bionics.

It’s a mechanized exoskeleton — a machine controlled by the movements of its pilot, strapped into a harness at its centre.

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corportation

Date: September 7th, 2020

Link (includes short video):


  1. Beyond entertainment, can you come up with a business or service that could use this technology?
  2. Why is this sort of technology hard to develop?

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