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a store filled with lots of fresh produce: Amazon Fresh Grocery Store Opens in California

Amazon Prime users are already going to be familiar with ordering from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods using the website and app. And Amazon first launched small-scale Amazon Go shops in select markets back in 2018. Now, Amazon is diving into a full-on supermarket with the opening of its Amazon Fresh grocery store in Woodland Hills, California, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The new store will offer all of the classics you’ll see at any large-scale grocery store and its own brands of food, as well as local brands, regional foods and 365 by Whole Foods Market products.

Source: MSN

Date: September 7th, 2020



  1. What’s going on here? Why is Amazon, a 100% online company, opening a grocery store?
  2. What does Amazon hope to learn from an actual store?

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