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Phone with Facebook logo in pocket

In many ways, social-media platforms are simply giant algorithms.

Phone with Facebook logo in pocket

At their heart, they work out what you’re interested in and then give you more of it – using as many data points as they can get their hands on.

Every “like”, watch, click is stored. Most apps also glean more data from your web-browsing habits or geographical data. The idea is to predict the content you want and keep you scrolling – and it works.

And those same algorithms that know you enjoy a cute-cat video are also deployed to sell you stuff.

All the data social-media companies collect about you can also tailor ads to you in an incredibly accurate way.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: August 18th, 2020



  1. ” these algorithms can go seriously wrong. They have been proved to push people towards hateful and extremist content.  ” Why is this?
  2. What might Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others do about this?

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