Centralized virtual schools and synchronous delivery: How remote learning is shaping up for fall

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Regina Public Schools hasn’t finalized numbers, it is also setting up a centralized virtual school, and in its case, the division will unite dedicated teachers under one roof as well. Working from one location will help ensure “robust” internet connectivity on the teachers’ side while staff will “also benefit from working together with their colleagues, so they can… Read more »

Victims of CRA hackers vulnerable to other cyberattacks

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Thousands of Canadians affected by recent cyberattacks on the Canada Revenue Agency and federal government computer systems could be vulnerable to other attacks, warn cybersecurity and privacy experts. “They have to be very scared if they have another account with the same password,” said Ali Ghorbani, director of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the University… Read more »

The algorithms that make big decisions about your life

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In many ways, social-media platforms are simply giant algorithms. At their heart, they work out what you’re interested in and then give you more of it – using as many data points as they can get their hands on. Every “like”, watch, click is stored. Most apps also glean more data from your web-browsing habits… Read more »