Posted by & filed under App Economy, Healthcare, Privacy. is a thermometer-based smartphone app that updates in real time. There is a thermometer that plugs into your phone. Kinsa, the company behind the app and service gathers all those thermometer readings to produce a heat map of where people are sick. It’s actually for influenza, but, of course, tracking temperature is part of COVID-19 identification.


Date: April 6th, 2020



  1. Kinsa Insights, the company that sells this plug-into-your-smartphone app-based take-your-temperature app collects all the data and sells it to places like CVS and Walgreens so they can get the right flu meds on the shelves. Is this an invasion of privacy, or a useful service?
  2. How might you use this publicly available data (down to the county level) to sell a service?

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