How bad information goes viral

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There’s a huge amount of misleading information circulating online about coronavirus – from dodgy health tips to speculation about government plans. This is the story of how one post went viral. It’s a list of tips and advice – some true, some benign, and some possibly harmful – which has been circulating on Facebook, WhatsApp,… Read more »

To Track Coronavirus, Israel Moves to Tap Secret Trove of Cellphone Data

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has authorized the country’s internal security agency to tap into a vast and previously undisclosed trove of cellphone data to retrace the movements of people who have contracted the coronavirus and identify others who should be quarantined because their paths crossed. Source: New York Times Date: March 19th, 2020… Read more »

Telcos say new anti-spoofing technology won’t fully roll out this year

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Canada’s big phone companies warned MPs on a parliamentary committee Tuesday their networks aren’t yet ready to implement new anti-spoofing technology to guard against fake calls — and many existing landline phones and cellphones will need to be upgraded in order for the technology to be effective. Representatives from Bell, Rogers and Telus appeared Tuesday before… Read more »

‘We can’t flip a switch’: E-learning unlikely solution for all Canadian students if COVID-19 closes schools

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Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Date: March 13th, 2020 Link: Discussion “When you design courses for online, it actually takes deliberate thought and attention as to doing it in a good way. “So if we’re asking people just to suddenly teach their in-person courses online, it will be very difficult for those instructors to offer… Read more »

Coronavirus: How can AI help fight the pandemic?

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Facebook is already working with researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health and the National Tsing Hua University, in Taiwan, sharing anonymised data about people’s movements and high-resolution population density maps, which help them forecast the spread of the virus. The social network is also helping partners understand how people are talking about the… Read more »

Coronavirus: How hackers are preying on fears of Covid-19

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Security experts say a spike in email scams linked to coronavirus is the worst they have seen in years. Cyber-criminals are targeting individuals as well as industries, including aerospace, transport, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and insurance. Phishing emails written in English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Turkish languages have been found. Source: BBC Technology News Date: March… Read more »