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Federal departments or agencies have mishandled personal information belonging to 144,000 Canadians over the past two years, according to new figures tabled in the House of Commons — and not everyone who was swept up in a privacy breach was told about it.

The new figures were included in the federal government’s answer to an order paper question filed by Conservative MP Dean Allison late last month. The nearly 800-page response didn’t offer an explanation for the errors, which range in seriousness from minor hiccups to serious breaches involving sensitive personal information.

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Date: February 14th, 2020



  1. ” In one of those cases, a protected hard drive containing personal information belonging to 11,780 individuals was inadvertently made accessible to some CRA employees in January 2019. “
    How do you stop (or control for) a “protected hard drive” for being “inadvertently made accessible”?
  2. ” The Department of National Defence said most of its 170 breaches, which affected more than 2,000 people, were due to inappropriate access to…personal information”
    What steps could (and should) have been taken to make sure access was appropriate?

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