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If you think everyone who designs software is a genius, remember that software developers created, Windows 8 and iCloud. And they redesigned Snapchat. User interfaces are tricky, and they too often take intuition for granted. Bugs happen. And developers are human, eager to rush their products out the door — often before they’ve been adequately tested.That appears to be what happened at Iowa’s caucuses Monday night. Precinct chairs were supposed to enter primary election results into a new election app, but many had trouble getting the app to work. That held up the tabulation of results, and just about every voter, candidate and campaign staffer in Iowa went home disappointed, confused and anxious.

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: February 6th, 2020



  1. The article mentions the issues with Healthcare.Gov and iCloud. Was this Iowa election app anywhere near as complex, do you think?
  2. The article says that precinct chairs “had trouble getting the app to work.” How can an app be roled out that people have trouble getting to work?
  3. This is the first year for the app. For many years there were other procedures in place that allowed election results to come in and be complete within hours. It is now days since the election, and the results are still not in. Even if the app failed completely, how can it be that doing what you did last year without an app doesn’t work this year?

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